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Ben-Hur Movie First Look Poster

Ben-Hur Movie First Look Poster

Movie Ben-Hur
Release Date August 19, 2016
Genre Action, Drama
Cast Jack Huston
Toby Kebbell
Rodrigo Santoro
Nazanin Boniadi
Ayelet Zurer
Morgan Freeman
Haluk Biliginer
Director Timur Bekmambetov
Story By Keith Clarke
John Ridley
Music Composer Marco Beltrami
Producer Sean Daniel
Joni Levin
Duncan Henderson
Mark Burnett
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures
Language English

Ben-Hur Story & Plot, Wiki

Ben-Hur is an upcoming Hollywood movie based on epic story of Judah Ben-Hur portrayed by versatile actor Jack Huston. The story is all about Judah Ben-Hur a prince who is falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother Messala who is an officer in Roman Army. The prince is shown with lot of misery undergoing the life of a slave separated from his family members and also from his love Nazanin Boniadi. He spends most of his life at sea and later on returns to his homeland to seek revenge to his accused. Ben-Hur movie will be releasing on August 19, 2016 worldwide.

Ben-Hur Teaser and Trailer Review

The first look of the Trailer is released by the makers Paramount Pictures which looks amazing and fast moving with the actions and humorous sequences blended beautifully. The entire story line is revealed in the two and half minutes trailer which opens with a sharp escape of Judah from the treason of slavery and then landing safely on a beach. It also comprise of the happenings and incidents that took place in his life on how he falsely believed and loved his brother Messala who made his life miserable and full of hardships. Judah then prepares himself to take revenge against his brothers dishonesty and misconduct. The climax of the trailer is terrific having horse cart race with the roaring stadium where he once again gets cheated by his adopted brother falling below the horse cart.

Ben-Hur Movie Review

Ben-Hur Movie was unable to replace the 1959 series which was epic in each and every sense. It is a lead actor Jack Huston who portrayed Ben-Hur did a fantastic job with lot of confidence and sureness. Also Kebbells Messala is quite offensive and unpleasant  which turns upon Ben-Hur with ridiculous and absurd moments. The flick comprises of other convincing key characters with Ben-Hur’s Wife Esther (Boniadi) and Mother Naomi (Zurer).The first half of the movie is rather slow but gradually advances up with amazing action and adventurous sequences in the second half. The movie is successful to gear up with the intensity which is a good treat for the movie lovers to watch it in amphitheatres.

The critics have rated the movie with 3/5 ratings.

 Ben-Hur First Look and Poster

The first look of the poster is energetic showcasing Jack Huston passionately riding the horse cart to win the race as a revengeful attempt against his brother. The name of the Movie Title is highlighted in the centre of the image along with the appealing caption First to Finish. Last to Die.

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