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Bho Bho

Bho Bho

Movie  Bho Bho
Release Date 22 April 2016
Genre Mystery, Thriller
Cast  Prashant Damle,
Subodh Bhave,
Sharad Ponkshe,
Ashwini Ekbote,
Saurabh Gokhle,
Sanjay Mone,
Kishor Chaughule,
Sameer Chaugule,
Rajan Bhise,
Shailesh Datar,
Pramod Pawar,
Uday Nene,
Sameer Vijayan,
Ketki Chitale,
Madhav Abhayankar,
Vandana Vaknis,
Pradeep Pathwardhan,
Anuja Sathe
Director  Bharat Gaikwad
Story By  Bharat Gaikwad
Music Composer  Parth Bharat Thakkar
Producer  Bharat Gaikwad
Distributor  Sumukhesh Films
Language  Marathi

Bho Bho Story & Plot, Wiki

Story is about owner of dogs and it’s a mystery that why his dogs kill him. And in front of all when it proves that his pet dogs kills his owner and there question arises in everyones mind that why his pet dogs kill him and now how dogs are going to explain other that “Bho Bho” words.

Bho Bho Teaser & Trailer Review

Movies official trailer is out and its too complicated. Trailer has featured all leading role actors, Prashant Damle is playing main leading role in movie, who is ex-police Vyankatesh Bhonde. trailer has featured a crime incident and it’s look like it is done by dog but why? is the question in everyones mind and Vyankatesh Bhonde is kind of private detective so he is on his way to find out the real reason and what actually happens there. Movie has really good suspense and story in it. Over all we can expect little comedy, thriller scenes and fun while he finds the real killer.

Bho Bho First Look & Poster

Movies official poster is out and its featuring leading role actor Prashant Damle behind jail bars with many dogs with him. It is guess that dog at right in poster will be playing main role of dog in movie as he was also featured in movies first look. Poster is also featuring some messages, questions like “Alert from dogs” and “Save the dog Bho Bho”. Movie was featured in AIFF on 1st February.

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