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Movie  Cell
Release Date 10 June 2016
Genre  Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast  John Cusack,
Samuel L. Jackson,
Isabelle Fuhrman,
Owen Teague,
Clark Sarullo,
Anthony Reynolds,
Erin Elizabeth Burns,
Stacy Keach
Director  Tod Williams
Story By  Stephen King
Music Composer  Marcelo Zarvos
Producer  Richard Saperstein,
Michael Benaroya,
Brian Witten,
Shara Kay
Distributor  Saban Films,
Signature Entertainment
Language  English

Cell Story & Plot, Wiki

Cell movie is based on novel of same name which was release in 2006 by Stephen King. Movies plot information is as follow: Clay Riddell is a New England artist, who is just arrived at airport and on the way to meet his son. When he tells his son that they will meet soon but after call terrible things start happening like all people who are on cell phone gets attacked by global mysterious signal which convert people into mindless, vicious, animals more like zombies. After knowing that this terrible things are happening because of active cell phone call so he care about that fact and save himself somehow and meets with surviving small crew. They all are on the way to find the man behind this mysterious signal and Clay Riddell still wants to find his missing son.

Cell Teaser & Trailer Review

Movies official first trailer is out and it is featuring John Cusack, who is playing role of Clay Riddell and Samuel L. Jackson is also there who is playing role of Tom McCourt, one of the survivor small crew. They have featured almost all things from movie’s plot information and it is good thing that they haven’t given any clue about ending story because it will screw all interest in it. It’s look like we are about to see another bad ass zombie movie and another interesting reason behind them like this time there is virus of drugs but cell phone signals. At first place it is not acceptable but it will be pretty clear while watching movie.

Cell First Look & Poster

Movies official poster is out and it is featuring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, both are with worried look. Samuel L. Jackson is with gun, he is kind of leader of small surviving group. Poster is also featuring affected people and fire behind them. Poster is with saying “When everyone is connected no one is safe”.

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