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Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence

Movie  Central Intelligence
Release Date 17 June 2016
Genre  Comedy, Action
Cast Dwayne Johnson,
Kevin Hart,
Aaron Paul,
Amy Ryan,
Danielle Nicolet,
Timothy John Smith
Director  Rawson Marshall Thurber
Story By  Rawson Marshall Thurber,
Ike Barinholtz,
David Stassen
Music Composer  Theodore Shapiro,
Ludwig Göransson
Producer  Scott Stuber,
Peter Principato,
Paul Young,
Michael Fottrell
Distributor  Warner Bros. Pictures,
Universal Pictures
Language English

Central Intelligence Story & Plot, Wiki

Central Intelligence is upcoming movie of Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock. Movie has very cool story about one CIA agent who is on working important case and he includes his friend also. The funny part of this story that his friend has total opposite mind with his action and also with his decisions. The movie plot is as follow: The movie starts with Bob who is CIA agent and he coming home for school reunion and there he starts his secret case and he consider his friend to get help from him but until he knows that he is involved in big case it’s too late to get out from that situation. And during that his unpredictable agent friend drags him through shoot out, double crosses and in many other dangers incidents in which they both would killed them self.

Central Intelligence Teaser & Trailer Review

Dwayne Johnson when comes up there is action in it but this time it’s not only action he is doing but also lots of comedy scenes. Trailer is featuring Dwayne Johnson who is playing role of Bob and his school who is missing college days when he was popular. After meeting with his friend the real comedy and action starts. We can see that every time when Bob decides to do something he thinks that his friend would like it or his friend will not mind but his friend is totally opposite to each of his action. But when situation gets worse his friends help him to solve his case. Movie surely has lots of comedy scenes and also action scenes that you don’t want to miss. Looking forward to watch this movie.

Central Intelligence First Look & Poster

Central Intelligence movie poster is featuring the Dwayne Johnson who is holding guns on both hand and who is ready to fight as he wants and Kevin Hart, His friend who is also holding gun in his hand but he doesn’t want to fight but for friend he will. Poster is having quote “SAVING THE WORLD TAKES ALTITLE HART AND A BIG JOHNSON”

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