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Movie  Criminal
Release Date 15 April 2016
Genre  Action, Crime, Drama
Cast  Kevin Costner,
Gary Oldman,
Tommy Lee Jones,
Alice Eve,
Gal Gadot,
Michael Pitt,
Jordi Mollà,
Antje Traue,
Scott Adkins,
Amaury Nolasco
Director  Ariel Vromen
Story By  Douglas Cook,
David Weisberg
Music Composer  Brian Tyler,
Keith Power
Producer  Chris Bender,
Christa Campbell,
Boaz Davidson,
Mark Gill,
Lati Grobman,
Matthew O’Toole,
Trevor Short,
J. C. Spink,
John Thompson
Distributor  Summit Entertainment
Language  English

Criminal Story & Plot, Wiki

This story is about a good man who is another man body. A dead CIA agents memories and his skills are badly needed so they put his memories and skills and everything about him in another man body, his name Jericho Stewart. After successful operation putting dead man’s memories in Jericho Stewart, their expectations are that Jericho Stewart should recall all his memories. At beginning he fell something different and blank space but after sometime he realize that something wrong with his and about a secret operation. During his mission he also meet the Dead agents wife and has a conversation about what happened and he tell him that he love you all so much.

Criminal Teaser & Trailer Review

Criminal movies trailer has out and has a pretty good response from public. Movie has a total different epic story about a good man who is in wrong body. They have actually shown and it is hard to accept but we shouldn’t forget that movies are to entertain not pressurise brain. So don’t think about that too much just enjoy and trailer and movie too.  Kevin Costner is playing role of Jericho Stewart, Ryan Reynolds is playing role of Dead CIA agent named Jill Pope and Gal Gadot is playing role of Jill Pope, who is Jill Pope’s wife.

Criminal First Look & Poster

Criminal movies official twelve posters are out and one of them we have shared it above. Shared poster is featuring Kevin Costner. Poster is saying “This Mission is in Memories”. Remaining eleven posters are featuring individual character from movie with same poster style just with their faces and some posters are taken from movie scenes.

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