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Deepwater Horizon First Look Poster

Deepwater Horizon First Look Poster

Movie Deepwater Horizon
Release Date September 30, 2016
Genre Action, Drama, Thriller
Cast Mark Wahlberg
Kurt Russell
John Malkovich
Gina Rodriguez
Dylan O’Brien
Kate Hudson
Ethan Suplee
Henry Frost
Jeremy Sande
Director Peter Berg
Story By Matthew Sand
Music Composer Steve Jablonsky
Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Mark Vahradian
Mark Wahlberg
Stephen Levinson
David Womark
Distributor Summit Entertainment
Language English

Deepwater Horizon Story & Plot, Wiki

The story of this disaster thriller drama movie Deepwater Horizon is inspired with the real life incidence of oil rig explosion that took place in the gulf of Mexico that rocked and shattered the globe on 20th April 2010. It is defined as the worse and biggest man-made disaster in the world history which accounted for killing billions of ocean life along with employees deployed on the mechanism. The story describes the brave and courageous escape of the employees from the hazardous moment on the Deepwater Horizon which is the extreme and audacious survival in such a devastating tragic affair. So be ready to experience the real life unfortunate and deplorable Deepwater Horizon incidence in theaters on September 30, 2016.

Deepwater Horizon Teaser and Trailer review

Lionsgate has revealed the Full Trailer of Deepwater Horizon which features Mark Wahlberg as Mike Williams . The trailer showcases the disastrous oil spill explosion and how the courageous men and women on duty try to evacuate the other crew members safely from this massive outbreak. It consistently increases the tension and gives viewers an indication of the scale and size of the disaster through the superbly scripted Deepwater Horizon Trailer.

Deepwater Horizon First Look and Poster

The First look of the poster exposes the smoky fumes of the Deepwater Horizon explosions assigning  Mark Wahlberg and caption on the image.

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