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Dunkirk Movie

Dunkirk Movie

Movie Dunkirk
Release Date July 21, 2017
Genre Action, Thriller
Cast Fionn Whitehead
Tom Hardy
Kenneth Branagh
Mark Rylance
Jack Lowden
Aneurin Barnard
Harry Styles
Cillian Murphy
James D’Arcy
Barry Keoghan
Tom Glynn-Carney
Director Christopher Nolan
Story By Christopher Nolan
Music Composer Hans Zimmer
Producer Christopher Nolan
Emma Thomas
Distributor Warner Bros
Language English

Dunkirk, Story & Plot, Wiki

Dunkirk is an epic English Movie which is based on the heroic activities of World War II, with an miraculous evacuation of Allied Soldiers from Britain, France and Belgium who were surrounded by the German Troops from the harbor and insane beaches of Dunkirk, France. This marvelous Evacuation took place between May 27 to June 04, 1940 during the battle of France in Second World War which will be quite interesting to watch and will definitely relive the moment on Big Screen. Dunkirk will be released on 21st July 2017 to witness the thrilling and astonishing evacuation picturised at the same historical location.

Dunkirk Teaser and Trailer Review

The first look of the Trailer displays the devastating and futile nature of the Second World War quite beautifully which is suitably brutal and moving. The fellow guy from troops is surprised and has a long shot of casual smile on his face  trying to shield themselves from air attack. The Trailer being short has been able to reflect the tense situation with Allied soldiers on the crowded boat stir into the sky one by one as something unnatural aircraft attack bombarding on them.

Dunkirk First Look and Poster

The First Look of the Dunkirk is in black and white poster showcasing tensed face of the lead actor compiled with background of evacuated ships carrying the troops with the name of the Title and release date in front.

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