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Everybody Wants Some

Everybody Wants Some

Movie  Everybody Wants Some
Release Date 15 April 2016
Genre  Comedy
Cast  Will Brittain,
Zoey Deutch,
Ryan Guzman,
Tyler Hoechlin,
Blake Jenner,
J. Quinton Johnson,
Glen Powell,
Wyatt Russell,
Austin Amelio,
Temple Baker,
Tanner Kalina,
Juston Street,
Forrest Vickery
Director  Richard Linklater
Story By  Richard Linklater
Music Composer  –
Producer  Megan Ellison,
Ginger Sledge,
Richard Linklater
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Language English

Everybody Wants Some Story & Plot, Wiki

Movies story is from 1980s, about college freshman. How they entered in college and how their seniors treat them. Freshman are also baseball players. At the beginning they have to earn the team mates trust. They all do too many funny, unwanted things to earn their senior team mates trust and during all these things they actually having fun with their lives.

Movies second official trailer is out and its too funny. From trailer it’s look like this movie is all about college time fun and funny, sexy and weird play games. Over all movie is enjoyable.

Everybody Wants Some Teaser & Trailer Review

Movies trailer was out in December 2015. Trailer has decent views on net. Trailer has shown us all things from story and plot information. Movie has lots of funny scenes. If you like to watch funny movies with no real story like action, adventure then you should add this movie to your list. All movie is about fresh students of high school and new members of baseball team. To earn the trust of other senior team mates is become their main goal. This movie is not about some kind of college boy’s story or something like that but it is about only fun and comedy. Hope you will like this movie.

Everybody Wants Some First Look & Poster

Movie poster is featuring all leading role actors, all are having fun. Poster is featuring that movie names suits perfectly “Everybody wants some”. Poster is also with message “Here for a good time. Not a Long time”.

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