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Movie  Ganvesh
Release Date 24 June 2016
Genre   –
Cast Kishor Kadam,
Mukta Barve,
Dilip Prabhavalkar,
Smita Tambe,
Guru Thakur,
Nagesh Bhosale,
Suhas Palshikar,
Ganesh Yadav,
Sharad Ponkshe,
Tanmay Mande
Director Atul Jagdale
Story By  Tejas Ghadge
Music Composer  Nihar Shembekar
Producer  Vijayate Entertainment
Distributor  Vijayate Entertainment
Language  Marathi

Ganvesh Story & Plot, Wiki

Movies story is not announced yet but movies official teaser is out and from it, its look like story is from small village and about a poor boy. At school teacher state that everyone should have new uniform on day so he ask his dad to get one but as he is from poor family he faces some issues. Other than just a school story movie may be featuring a local rich boys insulting poor people and to deal with them they have also featured police.

Ganvesh Teaser & Trailer Review

Movies official teaser is out and it’s featuring all leading role members from movie like Kishor Kadam, Mukta Barve and Dilip Prabhavalkar. Kishor Kadam is playing role of poor father and he is proud of his son. We also see Mukta Barve in teaser, she is playing role of police inspector. It is true that all Marathi movies have a good story and this one will also have I suppose. We can expect some fun, emotion, love and message from movie. We can expect movies trailer to come in second week of May.

Movies official trailer is out on earlier expected date and it is featuring all things which we should know about movie. Movie is about a poor boy who wants new ‘Ganvesh’ means uniform as his teacher told all class student to get new uniform for speech. As he belongs to poor his family couldn’t afford it. Trailer has featured really feeling about poor family, how they face small problems which are nothing but a single thing to other peoples. Movies is with great message and will give everyone a good lesson for good life. Mukta Barve is there, she has done her job very well, simply perfect for that emotional role. Overall movie has really great story and it is scheduled to release on 24th June so go watch it on that day in theaters.

Ganvesh First Look & Poster

Movies official poster is out and it’s featuring a boy from movie who is mainly focus in movie and his father on cycle. Poster is also featuring some line on top which describe about movie and line is as follow “The story of compassion and determination”. Poster is reviled the movies official confirm release date and which is 24th June.

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