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Movie  Ghantaa
Release Date 1 April 2016 (Init)
Genre  Thriller, Comedy
Cast  Aroh Velankar,
Amey wagh,
Saksham kulkarni,
Shivani Surve,
Anuja Sathe,
Kishor Kadam,
Pushkar Shrotri,
Viju Khote,
Murli Sharma,
Bhau Kadam,
Kanchan Pagare,
Vijay kadam,
Ganesh Mayekar,
Mayur Khandge
Director  Shailesh Shankar Kale
Story By  –
Music Composer  –
Producer  Vinay Waman Ganu
Distributor  Arbhaat Films,
Kharapoos Films
Language  Marathi

Ghantaa Story & Plot, Wiki

Story is about three best friends, all of them just have completed their graduation and like everyone else they want to make some money but they don’t work  anywhere to earn money, actually they starts betting money on something to earn money. After some time when all three of them stuck in betting business, they face the villain. Rest story is about how they got away from betting and of course from that villain.

Ghantaa Teaser & Trailer Review

Ghantaa movies first look teaser is out and it is full of Ghantaa style. Ghantaa is kind of work use in Marathi language to say negative about something. You can see and guess it while watching movies teaser.  Teaser is featuring Amey wagh and Saksham kulkarni talking about movie and their friend Aangad, Aroh Velankar is playing role of Aangad.  Amey wagh is playing role of Raj and Saksham kulkarni is playing role of Umesh. Teaser has not shown any internal scenes of movie. At the end of teaser its saying “coming soon”.  Movies official fix release date is not announced yet but first initial release date we have shared above for now.

Ghantaa First Look & Poster

Ghantaa movies first poster was released with movies teaser. Poster Is featuring movies name with use of some mathematical symbols and poster is also featuring some other symbols also like idea click, cash bag, diamond symbols. We can expect movies more poster to release soon as teaser was released in 2015.

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