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Manchester by the Sea First Look Poster

Manchester by the Sea First Look Poster

Movie Manchester by the Sea
Release Date November 18, 2016
Genre Drama
Cast Casey Affleck
Michelle Williams
Kyle Chandler
Lucas Hedges
Gretchen Mol
Tate Donovan
Kara Hayward
Erica McDermott
Matthew Broderick
Heather Burns
Director Kenneth Lonergan
Story By Kenneth Lonergan
Music Composer Lesley Barber
Producer Kimberly Steward
Lauren Beck
Matt Damon
Chris Moore
Kevin J. Wales
Distributor Roadside Attractions
Amazon Studios
Language English

Manchester by the Sea Story & Plot, Wiki

The story plot revolves round the young guy Patrick who is made a legal guardian of his uncle Lee after sudden death of his father Joe Chandler. Lee Chandler is shocked and amazed to learn that he is made a sole guardian of his nephew Patrick who had to leave his job to nurse and take care of his nephew by returning to Manchester by the sea. Lee and Patrick find it difficult and uneasy to adjust their relationship of guardian and son who is strongly bonded by Patrick’s father by holding the family together. This dramatical story will be out in Theaters on November 18, 2016.

Manchester by the Sea Teaser and Trailer Review

The Trailer Video showcases Boston Janitor who after the death of his brother is forced to return home in order to take care of his teenage nephew Lucas Hedges. He confronts tragic past which separated him from his family and the Massachusetts fishing town where he was raised. The kid reminds his uncle about his friends and girlfriends who is not interested to relocate along with his uncle which brings quite emotions and sensations into the story. The video depicts the funny exploration of the power of familial love, sacrifice, community and at last the hope.

Manchester by the Sea First Look and Poster

The First Look Poster displays Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams with deep conversations along the sea coast. It also displays the crew details along with the Title and appealing recognisations.

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