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Pete's Dragon

Pete’s Dragon

Movie  Pete’s Dragon
Release Date 12 August 2016
Genre  Adventure, Family
Cast  Bryce Dallas Howard,
Oakes Fegley,
Wes Bentley,
Karl Urban,
Oona Laurence,
Robert Redford
Director  David Lowery
Story By  S.S. Field,
Seton I. Miller
Music Composer  Howard Shore
Producer  James Whitaker,
Barrie M. Osborne
Distributor  Walt Disney Studios,
Motion Pictures
Language  English

Pete’s Dragon Story & Plot, Wiki

Wood carver named Mr. Meacham, who has entertained local children with his a fictional story about aggressive dragon that resides in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. His daughter is  forest ranger named Grace finds out that his father’s story is more than just a story when she meets Pete, who is a 10 years boy living in the woods with no family but he states that he live in the woods with a giant green dragon named Elliot. According to Pete’s description about dragon Grace thinks that it seems similar to her father’s story dragon. Now Grace is on her way to find more about him with the help of 11 year girl whose father owns a local lumber mill.

Pete’s Dragon Teaser & Trailer Review

Pete’s Dragon movies is official remake of 1977 movie of same name. Story has a good fictional story about a boy who lives in woods his giant green dragon.  Story is completely different from jungle book story so don’t compare it or guess it. Trailer has shown us leading roles from movie like Pete and Grace and his green dragon. We can also see in trailer that Pete comes in city, having no idea about current other peoples living. And at end of trailer we can see his trust on his dragon friend after jumping from edges. Overall movie has a decent story and of course this is a family movie so you can enjoy it watching with your family.

Pete’s Dragon First Look & Poste

Pete’s Dragon movies official poster is out and it’s featuring a woods tress and behind one tree there is a big green dragon and Pete. Poster is texting “Disney Pete’s Dragon, in theatres on August 12”. Total seven official posters are out and one of them we have shared above as it is best from remaining posters.

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