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The Expendables 4

The Expendables 4

Movie  The Expendables 4
Release Date 2017
Genre  Action, Adventure, Thriller
Cast  Sylvester Stallone,
Jason Statham,
Antonio Banderas ,
Jet Li,
Wesley Snipes,
Dolph Lundgren,
Terry Crews,
Randy Couture,
Kellan Lutz,
Ronda Rousey,
Glen Powell,
Victor Ortiz,
Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Hulk Hogan
Dwayne Johnson
Director  Avi Lerner
Story By  Dave Callaham
Music Composer   –
Producer  Avi Lerner,
Kevin King Templeton
Distributor Lionsgate
Language  English

The Expendables 4 Story & Plot

The Expendables 4 is the fourth part of the Expendables movie series. Last part of the series was The Expendables 3, which was having very good story and it is expected that this sequel movie will be having amazing story with lots of fights, adventure, thrillers scenes in it.

The Expendables 4 Teaser & Trailer Review

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The Expendables 4 First Look & Poster

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The Expendables 4 More Information

The Expendables 4 movies plot information is not announced yet. The Expendables movie series was started in 2010 and was having pretty good response then its second part was released in 2012 and third one in 2014. So from their release years many of us have expected that its fourth part will release in 2016 but words are out that movie is scheduled to release in 2017. Every part has special villain and The Expendables 4 movies villain is Dwayne Johnson AKA “The Rock”. Yes it is true he is the main villain in Expendables 4. One more thing that Hulk Hogan is also in movie but as who information is not announced yet.

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