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The Huntsman Winter's War

The Huntsman Winter’s War

Movie  The Huntsman Winter’s War
Release Date 22 April 2016
Genre  Action, Adventure, Drama
Cast  Chris Hemsworth,
Charlize Theron,
Emily Blunt,
Jessica Chastain,
Sam Claflin,
Colin Morgan,
Nick Frost
Director  Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
Story By  Evan Daugherty
Music Composer  James Newton Howard
Producer  Joe Roth
Distributor   Universal Pictures
Language  English

The Huntsman Winter’s War Story & Plot, Wiki

The Huntsman Winter’s War movie is based on Characters by Evan Daugherty. Movies story and plot information is as follow: there are two evil sister with different magical powers, first is Ravenna AKA the Evil Queen and second is Freya AKA the Ice Queen. First both sister’s fights with each other and Freya, the Ice Queen defeat her sister with her freeze any enemy ability and she watch her silent sister in ice. The Ice Queen has spent decades of rising a legion of deadly Huntsmen Eric and warrior Sara to find her prized two defied her command. When Freya’s sisters death occurred she use her army and her own army to bring the magical mirror home. So Eric and warrior Sara create their own side to fight with her.

The Huntsman Winter’s War Teaser & Trailer Review

The Huntsman Winter’s War movies trailer is out and we have shared it above. Trailer has featured many things from movie’s plot information like two evil sisters, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt is playing role of evil sister’s role and also Chris Hemsworth, who is playing role of Eric, the Huntsman. Movie has also featured banner “From the producer of Maleficent”, maleficent movie was also about evil queen. Both sisters are with badass powers in their hand. If you liked maleficent movie then you will probably will also like this movie.

The Huntsman Winter’s War First Look & Poster

The Huntsman Winter’s War movies total six official posters are out and one of them we have shared it above. Shared poster is featuring Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain, both are in their warrior kind of costume. Poster is also featuring movies name at bottom and at the top of poster “From the producer of Maleficent” is written. Rest posters are featuring each leading role from movie like the Huntsman, the Evil Queen, the Ice Queen and the Warrior Sara.

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