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The Shallows First Look Poster

The Shallows First Look Poster

Movie The Shallows
Release Date September 16, 2016
Genre Horror, Thriller
Cast Blake Lively
Oscar Jaenada
Brett Cullen
Sedona Legge
Angelo Jose Lozano Corzo
Jose Manuel Trujillo Salas
Pablo Calva
Diego Espejel
Janelle Bailey
Director Jaume Collet- Serra
Story By Anthony Jaswinski
Music Composer Marco Beltrami
Producer Lynn Harris
Matti Leshem
Distributor Columbia Pictures
Language English

The Shallows, Story & Plot, Wiki

The Shallows, it is a movie about a young lady Nancy Adams, who is a medical student visit to the remote Mexican Beach to have a surfing experience. It is the same beach where her mother surfed quite earlier when she was pregnant at the time of Nancy. Nancy’s friendly local resident Carlos takes her to ride on the beach without revealing the name of the beach, just signifying her that the place is a paradise. Nancy gets amazed and excited after reaching at the beach location later on joined by two other local residents who surfs with her for several hours. She is having a chat with her father, which reveals the reason behind dropping Nancy out of Medical School. She had an emotional conversation with her father and she decides to have another surfing before heading back to her hotel stay. But this afternoon surf turns havoc experience as she notices a large creature A White Shark strikes her surfing board dragging her into the water thereby hitting her head to a nearby submerged rock. She tries to get back on the board where her legs get caught by the shark biting strongly getting a huge underwater pull. This shocking and terrifying experience totally shatters leaving her lonely on the rock for the entire night, unknowingly and unaware by the other two local colleagues.

The next morning proves fatal for the two local residents as they both get killed by the insane shark left un-warned by Nancy about the presence of this wild creature. Nancy tries to record the horrible situation in the GoPro Camera Helmet which she finds from the shark victim and sends the message to her father and sister. Now the situation is soon going to be worse and tense with the arrival of high tide as the rock will be submerged soon leaving Nancy to fall easy prey to the shark. Nancy finds a buoy which she tries to get in contact by swimming through a group of Jelly Fishes. Nancy finds a Gun on the buoy which comes as her rescue to fight against the deadly shark. She shoots at the shark, which catches fire due to floating Whale blubber annoying the shark, which begins furiously attacking the buoy thereby ripping chains of the buoy. Nancy somehow tries to escape from the Sharks attack, thereby grabbing the last remaining chain, but gets violently pulled down to the ocean bed. The same time shark notices her and tries to chase her at full speed, but Nancy tries to save herself by diving into the ocean and sprouting from of the buoys concrete anchor. The Go Pro Camera is found floating near the shore by Carlos son who brings his father to the beach where he finds Nancy floating into the shallow water. She finds herself safe on the beach killing the monstrous Shark forever. This terrifying event is all set to release on September 16, 2016

The Shallows Teaser and Trailer Review

The Trailer is quite terrifying which begins with the gorgeous location of Mexican beach, enjoyed by Nancy and other two local residents surfing on high waves. But this pleasurable moments soon turns into a horrifying event of Shark attack followed by a bite on Nancy’s leg where she somehow manages to rescue herself by stepping on the submerged rock. The other two guys have no idea about the presence of the shark in the ocean and fall easy prey to him. This event is closely watched by Nancy, knowing that she will be the next meal of this cruel shark. But she courageously fights and kills him by shooting bullets found on the buoy which is quite scary and thrilling experience for the viewers. The Trailer video looks realistic bringing more terror reflecting the horrifying tale of scary shark attack and Nancy battle of survival.

The Shallows First Look and Poster

The First Look of the Poster shows the image of the Shallow ocean with a surfboard and feet floating which clearly states that the deadly shark has set eyes on the new victim. The image carries a caption What was Once in the Deep is now in the Shallows which is scary and terrifying. The name of the Title is displayed in red-blooded colour along with the details of cast and crew at the bottom.

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