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Movie  Warcraft
Release Date 10 June 2016
Genre  Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Cast  Travis Fimmel,
Paula Patton,
Ben Foster,
Dominic Cooper,
Toby Kebbell,
Ben Schnetzer,
Robert Kazinsky,
Daniel Wu
Director  Duncan Jones
Story By  Chris Metzen
Music Composer  Ramin Djawadi
Producer  Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni,
Charles Roven,
Alex Gartner, Stuart Fenegan
Distributor  Universal Pictures
Language  English

Warcraft Story & Plot, Wiki

Warcraft movie is based on the popular video game series. If you don’t know anything about Warcraft game then don’t worry we are sharing all possible information here. Warcraft is game between Human and Orc and movie is also about war between Human and Orc. Azeroth is a place where human lives and Draenor is a home land of Orc. One portal which connect these two worlds with each other known as Dark Portal opens and One leader from both side come to gather to decide the fate of their family, their people and their home and there war started, everyone is fighting for something in the war.

Warcraft Teaser & Trailer Review

Warcraft movie trailer was released on 6th Nov 2015. Trailer has very good response from Warcraft fans. Trailer is featuring all major characters from the movie. How Orc comes to Human land, How the human leader known as Sir Anduin Lothar guess that something is coming then they both agree on something but their people didn’t listen to them and war starts. Warcraft game lovers are already excited to watch this movie.
Movies second official trailer is out and it’s featuring some more things from movie. Trailer has featured two different looking Orc leaders and its kind of going to be like one of them wants to peace with humans and other one wants to war to save their people and this same thing may be going to happen in Human where Travis Fimmel from human wants a peace but his fellow friends does not belive in peace in eventually both Orc and humans start war to save their people. All warcraft fans has shown their interest towards movie.

Warcraft First Look & Poster

Warcraft movie poster is featuring the leaders of the both side Human, Orc. Toby Kebbell is playing role of Durotan who is leader of Orc and Travis Fimmel is playing role of Anduin Lothar who is leader of Human. Poster is also featuring one message “TWO WORLD. ONE HOME”.

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  • when do we get to see next part of avengers, transporters, iron man & X Men where S.Stallone would represent the negative part…lively it would be just for entertainment…